Extravagant Las Vegas

luxury spas

Las Vegas has no equivalent with their extravagance. Of course this is carried over into their spas. The spas here are huge and flashy just like the city.  There is an array of options, so allow yourself to be transported into a relaxed and ... Read More >

Tradewinds Travel Club Exploring The Willis (Sears) Tower

sears tower

The city of Chicago is not only one of the largest cities in the United States, but also one of the most visited cities as well. Home to almost 3 million residents, the city is also home to world class attractions and destinations including sports, ... Read More >

Travel In The News With Tradewinds Vacations


Ski Season 2012-2013 Begins Believe it or not, in some parts of the U.S., winter is here! Whether that makes you happy or sad, for skiers from around the U.S. they are giddy with excitement. In the area known as Arapahoe Basin other wise known as ... Read More >

A Trip To The Louvre


The Louvre is the largest museum in the world, with even departments and collections which date back to the 7th millennium BC. The Louvre was built around the 13th century as a fortress, and then rebuilt in the 16th century as a royal palace, and ... Read More >

Crete Explored


Unexpectedly diverse, the island of Crete is much different from its sister islands located throughout the Aegean and Mediterranean. Largest Greek Island and filled with cultures dating back thousands of years, Cretes diversity includes not just its ... Read More >

Avoiding Jet Lag – A Common Travel Complaint


Although there is no “real” way to avoid jet lag, for those who are prone to experiencing the affects of jet lag, there are some things you may benefit from knowing. For example, jet lag will most often occur and be worse depending on the number of ... Read More >

Culture and Experiences In Detroit


Each week as many as 40,000 people flock to Eastern Market for its Saturday Market to enjoy one of the most authentic urban adventures in the United States. The market and the adjacent district are rare finds in a global economy, a local food ... Read More >



Dallas Texas is one of the largest, most influential and most well known cities in the United States today. Massive in size and filled with hundreds of attractions and sights, finding what to see and do in this amazing city is by far the most ... Read More >

Zurich’s Famous Attractions


Zurich is a destination within the country of Switzerland. This is a city famous for its many scenic attractions. Nature can also be witnessed here at its greatest. Travelers from all points on the globe enjoy Switzerland and the wonderful memories ... Read More >