My wife convinced me into attending a presentation.  I must admit, I had some preconceived ideas that it would be boring and a waste of time. Boy was I wrong. The people were friendly and the presentation was highly entertaining. I highly recommend attending if you get an invitation.

Troy, MI

I received a call to attend a presentation and in return I would get a grocery card. So I attended the presentation that lasted roughly 45 minutes. I was treated well, the presenter was entertaining AND I received the gift that was promised for my time. I highly recommend attending a presentation as a night out. It’s worth the trip!

Dallas, TX

We had many friends who had been a part of Tradewinds for years. On their encouragement we attended a presentation and decided to sign up. Since then, we have been happily enjoying all the benefits that come along with our time with Tradewinds as well. Thank you for your time and your attention to detail as well as your wonderful service now and for years to come.

Aprille and Pete

Thanks to everyone who played a role in our vacation. Having someone who understands customer service is wonderful and we can not thank you enough for your patience and help, we look forward to many years to come.


Julia was a big help and helped me plan the perfect vacation experience for myself and my family. Her great attitude and helpfulness has made my planning experience first rate and we can all now look forward to our impending trip with excitement and anticipation!

Stacy N.

We just took our first trip with Tradewinds the end of 2011 and just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time! No problems with any of the aspects of our trip and perfect weather to boot. Everything was perfect from start to finish and we are very excited to already be ready for our next trip. The way you accommodate us is part of what sets you apart from others. Thanks again and see you this spring.

Marjorie L.

We have recently begun planning our trips for this year and although we still have to wait to actually leave, knowing that everything is already taken care of has helped me feel less rushed and more prepared than ever before. The staff of Tradewinds has been instrumental in helping us plan quickly and smoothly and has been wonderful from start to finish. Thank you.

Paul W.

Since I joined Tradewinds Vacations, I have been amazed and pleased with the personal and attentive services offered to me. Knowing that when I have questions about a trip or a benefit, I can call and speak to a real person who will help me makes me feel comfortable and also helps me feel confident in my choice to become a part of Tradewinds.


My husband and I recently retired and were looking for someone to help us plan and save on the many vacations that we have been planning for the last few years. We have always loved traveling and now that we have more time are planning on doing it even more. We feel like our life is just beginning all over again and we are pleased that Tradewinds is there with us.


To Whom It May Concern,

We are just writing to let you know how amazing our vacation experiences have been and how great our last trip to Las Vegas was this winter! We have family nearby and not only was it the ideal vacation experience, but we of course, had a wonderful time seeing my brother and his wife as well. Everything was just as we had hoped and we just wanted to thank you for all your help.

The Paaul’s

I think you do a very good job; most of our vacations are near family or warm weather so timing is everything.

I think you are doing a great job, our trips have be the most exiting of all others vacations we have taken