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Tradewinds Travel Club asks – Are you a tourist or a traveler?

To some, travel and tourism represent the same concept, a foreigner visiting a faraway destination in an effort to get away from the fast pace of life. The question is not whether we see ourselves as travelers, but if those we are visiting look at us as a necessary evil or a viable part of their environment. The impact we have on destinations as tourists is much greater than that of a traveler. In an effort to explain it further one needs to decide what a traveler and a tourist really are.

cultural heritage A traveler is generally described as someone who travels in an effort to learn more about the culture and truly experience and benefit from the differences between us. The stereotypical tourist shows up with a camera in tow, snapping thousands of pictures and visiting the typical tourist destinations, no concern for the validity of the people who call it home. Travelers tend to take away more from a vacation than a typical tourist including an appreciation for culture.

Changing your outlook and altering your perceptions of travel can help you become a traveler and fully experience the best of a destination. Take yourself out of the observing role and immerse yourself in becoming a part of the community including taking part in local celebrations, eating at local establishments featuring local cuisine and taking advantage of the knowledge of those around you.

If you are familiar with tourists who come to your area, you may begin to understand how your presence can affect those around you. Imagine someone arriving in your city, never having been there before and considering themselves an expert on the area thanks to their many books and pamphlets on your city. It is offensive and off-putting to say the least. Remember when you travel, you are an outsider. If you embrace the culture and show a genuine interest in those who call it home, you can learn and experience much more in an area than a stereotypical tourist.

Travelers are in search of the new and exciting differences in the world around them. Opening your mind to the many special aspects and unique experiences you can find throughout the world, can offer you more than simply a relaxing vacation, but an opportunity to broaden your horizons.

Experience the world from a different perspective. Avoid being set in your ways and closed to new and perhaps different ways of life, open your eyes to the world around you as a traveler.

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