Avoiding Jet Lag – A Common Travel Complaint

Although there is no “real” way to avoid jet lag, for those who are prone to experiencing the affects of jet lag, there are some things you may benefit from knowing. For example, jet lag will most often occur and be worse depending on the number of time zones you cross. In addition, if you are already feeling ill, you are much more likely to feel the affects of jet lag when you travel. Whether you are one of the many who are affected by jet lag, or not, consider the following tips when planning for your journey and do your part to ensure that you can maximize your health and minimize your complaints.

Choose a flight which will allow you to better plan for your arrival. Ensuring that you can follow a schedule such as sleeping on a schedule similar to home or eating at an otherwise “normal” time for your body will help you adjust.

Staying on a schedule and adjusting to it before you leave is another easy way to avoid becoming overly jet lagged. Adjust your watch a full 24 hours before you leave to allow your body to adjust early. Gradually adjust your sleeping and eating schedules for a week before you leave.

Watch what you drink. The more you drink, the more you will dehydrate and the more apt you are to suffering from jet lag. Rather than starting the party on the plane, let the alcohol wait till you are settled in.

During your flight, not only should you drink plenty of water, but you should also feel free to get up and move around as well. When the pilot says it is ok to get up, take the opportunity to get up and stretch your legs and make sure you don’t get too stiff.

Upon arrival, if it is day time, try to stay up and alert till close to evening. If you arrive in the evening, no matter if you are tired or not, try to get some sleep.

You may not be certain to avoid jet lag, however, by following the above tips, you may be less apt to suffering from its ill effects. Be smarter, be prepared and know before you go and have the vacation of your dreams with Tradewinds Vacations Club.